Holistic way that can boost your immunity against the Pandemic

holistic way that can boost your immunity against the pandemic

It is said that People who have been practicing yoga, meditation & pranayama have experienced a higher level of immunity and lung strength, making it difficult for the virus to affect their bodies. Medical practitioners all over the world are finding ways to fight the Pandemic, while we can increase our immunity and prevent ourselves from viruses.

Our respiratory system needs to stay strong to fight any respiratory related issues, Pranayama is a good way to treat yourself while at home.

Prana is the life force in our body. Prana is much more than physical breath. Pranayama means the exercise of increasing the life force in our body. That way increasing Prana in our body can tackle many diseases & can even prevent them. By consuming fresh fruits, vegetarian food, taking proper rest, and following some breathing techniques, we can increase Prana in our body.

Practice some techniques like

1. Alternate Nostril breathing
2. Kapalabathi Pranayam
3. Deep breathing

Now that everyone is out of office and is having some time for them, this is the right moment to start the practice. Pranayama the Vedic science of breath can heal your body and mind. Energizing yourself during this work from home time will give you more confidence and help you to stay focused on work.

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