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Know where your customer’s hangout

Marketing your products or services online by finding your target audience with a specific age group, gender, location, likes, preferences and much more is a way of communicating to the right customer about your brand. SEO, SMM, pay per click strategies are different for each industry or domain. Come to us to explore more about trending digital marketing strategies.

Designtheme Innoventics a dynamic team of Digital marketing professionals based in Bangalore providing customised online solutions that include web development, SMM, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing & influencer Marketing.

The company provides digital marketing services and access to diverse media platforms. We at Designtheme Innoventics help marketers improve their brand image, influence buyers, and produce revenue through a complete set of advertising solutions. We help the brand to perform most efficiently in the digital world to reach, grow, and convert an audience.

DTI the most innovative and client-friendly digital marketing agency in bangalore, who specialize in various digital marketing services such as SEO, Social Media marketing, pay-per-click services, online Reputation management, website designing, and web development makes it the finest digital marketing company in Bangalore, india


Search Engine Optimization

Top rank appearance on search pages is all that matters. We at Designtheme Innoventics are here to enhance your online visibility. Our SEO specialist analyzes the website and helps you get a viable solution from the technical perspective.

Your website is then technically sound to appear higher on the search page surpassing the competition. We do white hat SEO and we follow high content marketing techniques to reach the SEO goals. We also follow the technique of link building.


Collection and data research is the first step we take for any business, after a detailed analysis we look forward to bringing in ideas.

Strategy Creation

A plan consisting of innovative ideas and strategy from digital marketing experts forms the second step.


Understanding the client’s need and executing the right strategy is what makes Designtheme Innoventics the best digital marketing company in Bangalore.

Search Engine Marketing

PPC (pay per click ) is the best technique and the most cost effective way to target the audience online. The best PPC campaign can relatively work wonders by getting you the profit faster than promoting online via any other means.

This is the best method to reach the target audience based on the demand and search, this makes the conversion rate higher. One needs to understand the online customer behavior.

Designtheme Innoventics has its space in the industry providing the branding, packaging, digital marketing and PPC services.
Specializing in various platforms like Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn for advertising is their Key strength.. Agency further holds expertise in designing the best campaign across different channels to get the best possible results.

Increase Leads and Sales

Increased leads and eventually more sales through google Ads and the best of conversions is what is attained with SEM. Designtheme Innoventics creates Campaign, monitors and runs google ad word campaign increasing the online visibility of the website.

Brand Building Acceleration

Paid Ads are an effective way to build your brand. Campaign creation is a way that best benefits are attained.

Instant Targeted Traffic

The Techniques used let the targeted audience instantly form, ultimately increasing sales and conversion.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the most popular medium to target customers and gain maximum conversion as it has a wide spread category of audience. Interaction with potential customers is easy, ultimately forming conversions. Social Marketing is a part of Digital marketing where one can build a brand image using social media networking platforms.

With social media marketing businesses can grow really well in the long run. Easy trust building leads to better conversion rate with SMM. To create brand awareness and a good reputation, social media is a prerequisite as it allows the customers to feel engaged with the business.

How does it work?

We audit the social media presence and find your status on social media platform and then we analyze which platform suits your business the best.

Finding Audience

Analyze the type of audience that needs to be targeted for more conversions, turning them into customers. Based on specific criteria of the nature of business, we analyze who your customers could be.

Success, Metrics, Content creation

What follows after building customers is the need to increase followers on social media and to make money. Here, a few things that are considered are brand mentioning, total number of shares, reach, conversion rate.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important marketing strategy which includes persuading people to make a purchase through effective attractive content. Content includes blog, E-book, videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics etc. For any website, content development is very much needed. Content needs to be informative, comprehensible to the users, search engine friendly and the right CTA ( call to action) to enhance the sales.

Why is unique content required ?

Builds brand and authority
Your niche affluence is shown genuinely with fresh content that makes the service or product help reach the status of a brand and makes it popular amongst the targeted population.

What happens in content writing

Alluring content directly increases the brand visibility which ultimately helps generate more leads and conversion. It also aids you get many referrals and links naturally as a result of organic growth. A well-written content can enable a potential lead to make a decision on purchase more easily and more quickly.

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