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"Three important packaging design tips that are less heard and discussed." Expert speaks...

Supermarkets or malls are invariably the most trending shopping destinations for the new India. Be it rich or the middle class, all are now, a dedicated buyer of these places almost every day.

Well, malls are turning out to be a huge business factor for the economy of the country, and the reason behind is its style and process of selling. Even retail stores have the same quality products, but they hardly get a new set of consumers every week.

In this blog, we will tell you about an industry that has an immense contribution to making malls a lucrative business platform. Packaging design is a major factor for malls having a better sale on products and even services.

To the designers, who have just started their designing career, here are some tips that will invariably work the best in packaging design. An eye for details is not the only thing that can work, but there is something more on the creative and marketing side as said by a creative director of custom boxes and packaging design company Bangalore.

Be realistic with your design

Imagination and ideation are always a better way to deliver good work, but there is nothing without a realistic approach. A designer should remember that creative packaging design is for the consumers who in 90% of the cases focus on the practical benefits of the package. Like what’s the shape, size and its style of design, only the color and wrapper don’t work every time. Consumers always try to find a utility in the product. So before you design a package keep in mind how will it be useful to not just one but thousands of consumers.

Be particular about the shelf impact

In a shopping mall, the shelves display more than a hundred products in rows and columns. And the brand you are serving needs to create an impact on the minds of the consumers. Work on ideas and strategies as to how to make it possible. At times the best kind of design work gets lost in the crowd, but a simple one attains consumers more. So do some research and development as what people like their preference and more.

Be different and unexpected

Consumers are always hunting for something new. So being a designer at any custom boxes and packaging Design Company Bangalore try to win over the clients and present them something new for their product packaging. There is always a bonus for being different and unexpected. If the latest trend is about visuals, then work on calligraphy. The calligraphic art might be old, but if presented in a new way can work like magic.

In a nutshell, these three are the most vital lessons that you as a fresher may not learn at the very first place, but with time will get to learn these things. While working for a brand, remember that thinking out of the box will work, only if you can make it easy and flexible for your customers.

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