The five stages of industrial packaging design involve art, marketing and a vision. A design agency in Bangalore brings you a story on this.

The five stages of industrial packaging design involve art, marketing, and a vision. A design agency in Bangalore brings you a story on this.

The art of packaging may not be a popular art form, but invariably it has got every potential to inspire and persuade people in buying. The designers who create product packaging design are no doubt creative people who put their mind and heart in designing what people like to visualize.

The primary concept of industrial packaging design is to charge up consumers’ desire of buying a product. Often you will notice that the e-commerce platforms while delivering simple product packages it so well that at first glance you feel elated.

Here, we will take you through a few steps that packaging design goes through before completion.’

The primary brief

If the brief gets wrong in the first place, then the entire design is bound to flop. Always produce a clear and quality brief to your designer so that the work gets hassle-free. The brief not only involves the creative aspect of the design, but it also talks about the brand, its value, target group, and a well-thought marketing strategy. The better the quality of the brief gets, there is more chance of the design to get better.

The inception of project planning

It is important to have project planning before initiating the work. Industrial packaging design is not just amateurish design work, but it involves huge money and a commitment of a brand. The project planning is held accountable by deadlines, cost, and quality of course, and it takes a little time as the lead and the designers’ sits together to discuss all the variants of the packaging. Only a well-made project planning can keep the workflow intact, helps the designers to work freely with proper time in hand, never exceeds the budget, and ensure a proper outcome.

Framing a design strategy

Recently due to the diverse choices of consumer products kept in the shelves of malls and stores, it has become difficult for companies to engage people fast. More or less every one catapults something extraordinary in terms of design, offers, etc. So an appropriate design strategy is necessary. But for this, research work is also done to find what kind of products will compete with yours at the display. Based on an analysis the strategy is made by the creative head to position the product well among the rest.

Understanding the outlook of the purchasing drivers

Also, companies need to understand the outlook of the targeted people before conceptualizing the design. The primary purpose is to pull your targeted consumers even before they get to look at the other products. Apart from the style or texture of the design, a strategy also involves the use of color, shape and several other imageries that can catch the attention of the targeted group.

Development of the concept

Over here the team of designers takes a final note of the target market, competitive products, and other specifications. All facets like the identity of the brand, positioning in the market gets decided at this stage

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