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Spices are an integral necessity of every Indian household. The rich aroma and flavor differ from brand to brand due to numerous reasons like the freshness, sourcing, age, production, and packaging.

It is crucial to display these points while creating the packaging design for the spices. But how do you stand out amidst so many competing brands? The intrigue generated by the packet design is the first step to gaining the consumer’s attention.

Rather than the traditional motifs and generic prints, Designtheme Innoventics chooses colors and illustrations for the front face that is vibrant, unique, and eye-popping. Combining it with a compact yet detailed description of the spice, highlighting the essential qualities in the rightly used font types and size, the packaging as created by us is a refreshingly new look that easily attracts the consumers.

While Pillow pouches designed by Designtheme Innoventics increase the visibility of the spices with unique concepts, Stand-up pouches are a great way to showcase the spices during promotions and events.

Special packaging design materials are used to convey the quality of the spices. From zip lock bags to airtight glassware, there are many designs to choose from Design Theme’s creative platter, if you want to let go of the traditional plastic packaging.

Recent Spices & Masala Packaging Designs


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