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Snacks packaging is always very brightly colored to maintain its visual appeal. Snacks packaging generally consists of a beautiful graphic illustration on the front and informative content on the backside for convenience and ease

Freshness and crispness are the two other vital necessities for snacks, and this is possible to maintain only if the packaging is airtight. While paper boxes are a standard design concept, alternatives like standup packets, ziplock bags, plastic boxes, and foil-sealed packets are also prevalent.

Adding moisture-free, leakproof, and waterproof layering is often necessary if the container does not have the properties. This prevents the box from being damaged due to external elements like water, dust, etc.

Snacks like chips, overtly fragile products like pastries, cookies, etc., need additional protection to prevent them from damaging. Hence inert gas like nitrogen is used to fill and seal the packets, and nitrogen helps preserve the freshness while adding an air-filled pocket to prevent them from breaking or crushing.

For better traction from consumers and audiences, Designtheme Innoventics also creates special Rs 10 sachets and pouches for snacks that are generally left hanging in and around the retail outlets. These small packaging designs are not only very easily visible but they are also easy to carry around thus automatically garnering further more attention from the public.

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