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The primary necessity of the package design for medicines includes hygiene and safety, vacuum lock and waterproof and non-reactive. Medicines and Pharmaceutical products need to be completely sterile and devoid of any contact with unwanted particles, hence the need for safeguarding against these elements. Contact with air can lead to rapid oxidation and disintegration of the medicines, hence the need for an airtight or vacuumed space to store the pills and drugs safely.

Plastic and glass bottles, vials and specially designed aluminum foil strips are the most versatile packaging choice implemented. Lamitubes, paperboards, cartons, PVC & PVD combination materials are the alternatives used for various other products.

In regards to the design, the container label should be clear enough to show the brand name, generic name, company name and composition in addition to the manufacturing details and batch numbers. Along with necessary guidelines. Hence it is crucial to select the font type and size carefully so that it is easily readable.

Pharmaceutical brands have a wide range of products with different usability and composition. It is important to highlight each of these individual products in the packaging design without diminishing the parent brand value.

With Designtheme Innoventics, the packaging of every product under each brand are designed with a signature identifiable thematic like logo, image, label etc regardless of the foilstrip tubes, vials and bottles being used.

This helps the consumers to immediately identify the parent brand while surfing through the choices of the products they require.

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