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Oil has always been an integral necessity in any cuisine. Yet, it was often regarded as the most hated meal prep component, especially for individuals with health concerns and lifestyle commitments.

Today oil packaging needs to be more creative and informative to help eradicate the myths and falsities. The shelf-ready packages should contain all the positive attributes and properties displayed in bold to catch the attention precisely in time.

Another important consideration is the option for flexible packaging design, and this keeps the oil fresh and safe until the final dispersal. While plastic bottles and pouches are the most common options, glassware storage is also expected due to environmental initiative and esthetic value.

There are a number of things that go into the making of an oil packaging bottle. Packaging design is one of them. At Designtheme Innoventics, we curate brand-specific oil packaging designs based on aesthetics, label design, and logo placement.

Information is a crucial element for oils as they have to be consumed, hence implementing details like nutritional facts and manufacturing details into the creatives are considered elementary to create better brand awareness.

Pillow pouches for oils may have a smaller package but needs to convey the right message to the consumer. Design Theme ensures creating interesting and unique packaging for individual variants while maintaining the signature theme of the parent brand. This allows consumers to know better about the diverse options available under a single brand.

Recent Oil Packaging Designs


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Mysore Sandal



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