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From cut veggies to meat and fish or even ready-to-eat meals, frozen food needs to remain fresh and well preserved for a long time; hence, the packaging is a key element that cannot be compromised.

With the pandemic just receding, most consumers are extra cautious about purchasing. The versatile packaging that can be frozen or microwave heated with equal ease is the most ideal and convenient choice, and they reduce the wastage and are super-efficient.

The next element to consider is the reusability quotient. The bags with zip locks and resealable attachments prevent the food from freeze-burn and can be conveniently reused for other purposes, thus reducing the possibility of more plastic waste.

While plastic is the most common and readily available solution to both the points mentioned above, sustainability is an important aspect that can increase the overall brand value for the customers. From cardboard boxes and biodegradable shrink wraps, the innovation around sustainable packaging alternatives is a massive market.

Designtheme Innoventics curates unique packaging design for frozen food that is visually attractive to the consumers. Since see-through packaging can decrease the shelf life of the frozen food, it is crucial to add an extra element of aesthetics for the visual appeal. Real life high-definition photographs of the frozen food are used in the packaging designs and important details like expiry and manufacturing dates are displayed in prominent order for ease of location for consumers.

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