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Description- Electronic goods ranging from microchips up to full-fledged electronic systems are fragile and can be prone to electrostatic discharge and physical damage. Hence, it is always essential to have high-quality electronics packaging material that is anti-electrostatic discharge and provides protection from extreme temperatures, mechanical damage, or high-frequency noise emission.

While packaging materials are a crucial part of providing good coverage to electronic goods, designing an informative package is also important. So, it is necessary that the rear face of the package represents the product dimensions, electronic specifications, manufacturing details, batch numbers and retailers in a readable font.

It is also wise to include three or four Star features of the electronic goods that quickly represent the brand values of the product. Finally, providing a good electronic product photo on the package conveys the visual idea of a successful performance.

Designtheme Innoventics ensures the individuality of the electronic product by using hologram strips in the packaging design. As the strips are available in various sizes, shapes and dimensions, they make it difficult to duplicate the brand and promote better brand value.

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