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Cosmetic packaging is the first thing that customers notice about the brand. The brands in the cosmetic industry must build a loyal following for their product. The foundation of cosmetic packaging design starts with the type of container for beauty products. These container types include bottles- glass and plastic, boxes, compacts, jars, packets, palettes, pumps, sprayers, and tubes that are tamper-resistant and leak-proof.

Although the brand may opt for a specific overall color scheme to take the dominant role in packaging, different color tones can persuasively communicate product sentiment.

Similar to colors, the fonts used in the packaging convey their feelings and emotions. Cursive fonts can denote sophistication and elegance. Bold letters or those in all caps invoke an aggressive brand

Along with brand logo, copy, and graphics or images, the packaging may also require to display ingredients and expiration dates. This is specifically to satisfy the FDA regulations that govern cosmetic labeling.

Designtheme Innoventics considers the visual appeal of the cosmetic product with aesthetic illustrations and imagery that represents the ingredients to indicate the right brand sentiment.

Recent Cosmetics Packaging Designs

Yellow Veda

Mysore Sandal


Tiwil Naturals



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