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Board Design

Boards are an integral necessity for any business. From signages and fixtures to billboards, a creatively designed board can gain the target audience’s attention if done right. The main criteria for creating a board is the concept. Most of the time, unless it is a regularly changing billboard, the board signs remain static. Showcasing the brand logo with a creative addition is the most common concept chosen for board design. However, there are a lot of finer details involved in making it stand out and refreshingly unique from the rest.

While lighting and colors add a new dynamic to the overall look of the board design, there is also the need to add minimal and crisp yet thought-provoking content. Combining it with illustrations, images, and strategic placement of the motive behind the creation of the design is essential.

Designtheme Innoventics conceptualizes the design based on very intricately detailed research and study of the company profile and its critical needs. Special attention is paid to colours and fonts being used and how the creative inputs are added to the board design without overcrowding. The final finished concept is often a unique and attractive design that puts forward the message and the reason for creating the board perfectly.

Recent Board Designs

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Asha Melange

vaidyuthi mobility


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Delhi Public School

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