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Sweets are a celebration of feelings and positivity in India. Hence it is always essential to have a visually appealing packaging design. While themes and occasion-based packaging is an important design aspect for sweets packaging, most of the time, the generalized packaging consists of the name of the store and the particular item it contains on the front side as an informative and visual necessity. The packaging needs to be large enough to accommodate important information like manufacturing details, batch numbers, and other instructions on the rear face.

The second crucial necessity is the FDA-approved packaging material to prevent toxicity or other health concerns, followed by waterproofing and leak proofing to avoid spillage. From tin boxes to BPA-free plastic containers to eco-friendly clay pots, numerous innovative yet safe designs are used for packaging designs for sweets today.

Designtheme Innoventics also curates special festive Value packs, and celebration packaging designs for special occasions like Diwali, Dussehra, Eid etc.

These packaging designs are incorporated with beautiful artworks and motifs inspired by the events of traditions and festivities. This automatically drives the interests of the consumers to purchase them for gifting or themselves.

Recent Sweets Packaging Designs

Asha Sweets

Parimala Sweets



New Agarwal Bhavan


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