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When it comes to branding, consistency is everything. Creating a brand that clearly outlines a brand asset guidelines and ensures professionalism messaging. A great brand story that summarizes the company’s vision, mission, and core values in one nice little package represents the brand to the world.

The next crucial aspect includes the visual personality of the brand. So, designing the guidelines of logo and color palettes among all channels of the brand evokes an unique brand feel and gets visual recognition from the people.

Choosing typography that matches a brand’s visual style maintains the textual consistency of the brand. Therefore introducing and explaining the type of font style for headlines, body text and their alignments leads to proper resonance of the brand.

Lastly, everything about imagery, including style, color, and content, contributes to the perception of brand. Hence, designing proper guidelines for imagery included in the brand manual.

With Designtheme Innoventics, clear integration of brand messaging, logo and color guidelines for specific brands creates a professional brand manual.

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